Adam K Veron Offers Real Estate Investing Tips in the Era of COVID-19

Adam K Veron Offers Real Estate Investing Tips in the Era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most difficult situations this estate generation has ever faced. The virus has unleashed widespread human suffering and hysteria, and also triggered an incredibly volatile phase in markets across the world. Like most other options, investing sentiment in real estate too is low at the moment. That said this phase provides an opportunity for willing real estate investors. Landowners are willing to sell in search of much-needed liquidity, and banks and financial institutions have lowered interest rates on real estate financing options in search of borrowers as well. 

Whether you are a first-time homeowner looking for some stability or an investor with money to spare looking for a lucrative long-term investment to diversify their portfolio, real estate is among the better options to spend your money at this time. That said, while it is thrilling to seek out properties worth investing in, these perilous times call for more caution than ever. Here are some tips you must follow to ensure you strike a good deal.

Adam K Veron Says Pick the Right Location

The location is among the most important factors that make a property attractive to potential buyers or renters. Real estate agents know that location is king- people tend to buy properties. That have a small commute time to their workplace, or their children’s schools or universities. You should be looking for a property that is in or close to big cities and commercial hubs.

Adam K Veron Insists that Connectivity is Key

When it comes to property, you must pick one that is well-connected to the world around it. Easy access to various modes of public transportation is an absolute must. As the cost of owning vehicles goes up and cities get more and more crowded, people are resorting to public transport to get around. Ideally, any property you buy must be at most a ten-minute walk from the nearest major public transport hub. That said proximity to these spots also increases the noise level and traffic. That the house is exposed to, which is something you might want to consider.

Adam K Veron Availability of Amenities

It’s not just public transport your house needs to be close to; people need to stay close to gyms, restaurants, shops, schools, and so on. While people are still staying in now, they are definitely going to head out soon. Each of these things adds to the value of a property. And understanding the geography might help you understand the valuation. And how good of a deal you are actually getting.

Adam K Veron Asks You to Put in the Time and Do Solid Research

Real estate agents tend to go the extra mile to make any property look more attractive than it is. You should split and do some real research of the entire neighborhood yourself to understand if they have been misleading you or if there are any facts that you might have been missing. Admittedly, this might be difficult given social distancing restrictions. But you can always use the internet to conduct the bulk of your research and maybe even involve a third party like an independent advisory firm to look over the specifics for you.

Adam K Veron asks you all to look around the place, find out what kind of rental rates present tenants are paying, and whether they have any important insights that might inform your decision to purchase. It is also a good idea to find out if the area has been involved in recent development plans, such as building a new shopping mall, factory, or office building. The construction activities as well as the end result will most definitely affect the value of the property.


Investing in real estate can often be a tricky business, and you need to be sure. That your money is going into a sound investment in these tricky times. Following these tips is a great way to cut through the complexities involved and ensure. That you land up with a good deal on a property that will bring you great joy and potentially greater returns. Over the short and long term. Also, US-based students can apply for