Adam Veron Provides Valuable Real Estate Survival & Success Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adam Veron Provides Valuable Real Estate Survival & Success Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Within a few months, our lives have undergone success dramatic changes in ways never imagined before. COVID-19 has imposed certain restrictions in terms of meeting, working, eating, shopping, and socializing. The entire business world shifted to office closures, cautious travel, and even work-from-home mandates. We have seen how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted significantly. On the lives of people with over 2.6 billion people across the globe experiencing some kind of lockdown quarantine.

In today’s real estate industry, we have witnessed how COVID-19 has resulted in accelerating certain trends that have been already in evidence while some other existing trends are being reversed. For instance, as per, even the Hawaii Real Estate sales for the month of April 2020 have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Factors that have acted as sales constraints include lockdowns and quarantines due to health restrictions, numerous job loss, stricter and more stringent lending criteria, and a remarkable decline in overall state tourism.

Globally there has been a sharp rise in the overall demand for specifically online shopping, however, the ongoing trend relating. To the densification of living and workspace is very much under scrutiny in recent times. These trends seem to differ and have come up with varied ramifications for demand in the real estate sector. In the United States, numerous decisions are being taken at the local and state levels. And a minimum of 34 states have prohibited evictions on a temporary basis.

We understand that this sort of an unpredictable scenario makes it imperative. On the part of real estate organizations to have clear consistent objectives and strategies in mind. Adam Veron provides us with a few very effective strategies and tips. To achieve success in the real estate landscape despite the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath.

Adam Veron Real Estate Tip: Start Sharing Valuable & Informative Content

Your clients require being updated with relevant information particularly if the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a deterring factor in the home-purchasing process. You must ensure that your followers and prospective clients are well aware of the latest developments in the real estate sector and the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus on the overall real estate industry. Moreover, provide tips on certain general topics such as tips on working efficiently by setting up a motivating and productive home office, best practices to limit contact and stay safe and healthy, etc.  In the event, you are thinking of sharing news articles; you need to be very careful about not spreading misinformation. Hence, always focus on double-checking your resources.

Adam Veron Real Estate Tip: Be Prompt & Responsive to Stay Relevant

You must focus on active interaction and communication via powerful online platforms and versatile social media channels. Share your correct contact information and assure your clients that you would be there whenever they need you. Devote time to reading messages or comments on various social media platforms and also emails and remember to respond promptly to them. Share a live video on Facebook to respond to customer queries in real-time.

Adam Veron Real Estate Tip: Provide Virtual Home Tours

Under the present COVID-19 circumstances, it is best to focus. On marketing your property by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology. Open houses and virtual tours could be organized. Digitally for your prospective clients so that they can get a perfect idea of the concerned property. For all your listings you could use a camera or phone for recording walk-through.

If possible consider editing your videos. You may post these relevant videos alongside the listings before sharing them across popular social networking sites. Real estate agents could start a conversation with their prospective clients on Face Time or Skype in real-time and virtually. These meetings could prove pretty fruitful since most property buyers use the Internet to look for their home. Hence, providing any additional information could go a long way. Provided you are doing it success in an interactive and visual manner.


Even though the coronavirus outbreak has triggered challenges for several businesses and industries, it certainly has not affected your adaptability in a negative way. Implement the stratagems discussed above by our expert as they could help your real estate agency to stay informative and relevant to achieve success in the long run.